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There are periods of the year in which the workload increases (graduation sessions, previous commitments, etc.) so DO NOT wait until the last moment to contact us, given that Contact and the quote are absolutely without commitment, RESERVE BY TIME !!!

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Dealing with the drafting of any paper is a commitment that sometimes for university students, at the end of their course, seems insurmountable: they have lost their training because at the university little is also written very often the final year students find work before concluding and therefore time is scarce, going to the library on Saturday is difficult also because the bureaucracy does not help to speed up the retrieval of the texts necessary for the drawing up of one's own paper. The objectives that the New Media editorial aims to advise students (starting from the proposal of the title / topic to be presented to the professor), on how to propose and propose to the teacher their own work, trying to instill confidence in what is written and elaborated. It is necessary for the student to be able to discuss with competence and fluency of language what in his paper was made explicit in order to demonstrate maturity and professionalism for the purpose of obtaining the academic title. In this regard, we recommend reading our advice on how to discuss the thesis on the tips page.

Tutor e Privacy

The protection of our customers' privacy is one of the prerogatives that distinguish our services ..... for this reason the contact with tutors is anonymous and the reasons are well understood .... If there were doubts, uncertainties, clarifications what better of a written email can solve the problem .... Always remembering then the ancient Latins that Verba volant ...... Scripta manent. Finally, whoever coordinates the activity is perfectly able to understand any problem, because thanks to the many years of experience and the highly respected academic curriculum (!) He has acquired the skills that transcend the single discipline.


For As for the academic titles everyone can boast of being what he wants especially on the internet. But it is not enough to "trumpet" headlines or credentials to prove that you are a good consultant. We can demonstrate to have an experience gained over many years dedicated to research and study, furthermore this is gratified by the number of daily visits on our site and by the certificates of esteem and thanks received for our contribution in helping many students! Consequently let us tell you that perhaps between those who ask too little and those who ask for much more than the right is in the middle!
A few words to the wise ........!

Originality of the works

Starting from the assumption that students should NOT use only Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (copy and paste) keys to write their documents, we would like to point out that: "Nuovamultimedia does NOT sell theses already made, copied or downloaded from the web, but deals with editorial and original consultancy for students of all levels"


As for prices, we find it hard to believe that professionals such as consultants, lawyers, professors, architects, doctors, psychologists, etc. can work in the market. that after years of study (the majority of our collaborators are multi-graduates) they are willing to work for a fee lower than the one a 4-level or 5-level worker receives. Furthermore we do not even believe in the story that there is someone who invests his free time for strangers, so in all probability, to be able to earn very low rates, the result could be a good copy and paste from sites that sell for little money online thesis, something that is known by professors and professors. We have clearly justified the reasons for which we apply certain tariffs dictated by the commitment of consultants with a great wealth of experience and who do NOT make claims already made!

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