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The writing jobs do not have a predefined price because the cost is estimated based on the difficulties, times, etc.

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Correction of texts and drafts
We can intervene on any "text", non-fiction book or typewritten narrative texts or, even, a simple brochure, a poster or a writing to insert on an Internet site.

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Keynote e PowerPoint
Making presentations, even on multiple media, by processing the information or data available, including searching for images, videos and / or creating charts (if necessary) that will constitute the content of the slides

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NB: All prices are "starting from" and net of taxes.
In addition, the price per page is to be understood as information as our offer will be flat-rate, thus allowing us greater flexibility for variations of pages being processed.

Our prices are competitive thanks to cost containment and not quality. In fact, many members of the Nuovamultimedia team have been operating in the sector for many years and have realized that one of the unnecessary costs was, for example, having an office (office) maybe even located in a central area of the city, with very high rents and incidental expenses. (which then weighed on the price offered to the customer). Having established that the internet is now the most used meeting place in the world and with much lower costs (!!!) the idea was to eliminate the "accessories" in order to substantially reduce prices while providing a service at the highest levels . Check out our price table which, for transparency, we were the first and perhaps, if we are not copied for the umpteenth time, even the only ones, we publish since the site was born back in 2005.

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

After deciding that Nuovamultimedia's advice could be interesting, you can contact us via the contact page form, you will receive, in a very short time, an answer from our team (remember to enter your correct email address otherwise we will not be able to answer, often, and a brief explanation of what you need) with the estimate and delivery times. Then it remains for you to accept or not the quote always with a confirmation email (otherwise the work will not start). At this point you will receive a file with the payment methods and the details to make it. IN THE MAIL OF CONTACT RESPONSE WE WILL PROVIDE YOU ON THE BASIS OF YOUR REQUEST ALL DETAILS (TIMES, PAYMENTS ETC.) RELATED TO YOUR WORK.
NB: if all these passages via e-mail seem sterile to you, they can certainly be accompanied by telephone contacts (find times and number on the contact page).
Obviously when we say that we have not "wanted" a venue by choice (explaining the reasons VERY CLEARLY!) We DO NOT mean that we DO NOT physically exist BUT that our office (as verifiable from the VAT number) actually exists in the Province of Milan and serves as the registered office. it is not for "customer reception" activities. On the other hand, the constant collaboration (since 1995) with students and professionals from all over Italy, has led us to believe that it would have been advantageous to eliminate a useless and expensive place from an economic point of view (as well explained on the home page) i costs which would have weighed on our advice. In fact the office would have had the purpose of receiving only and exclusively the visit of some student, resident in Milan or outskirts (or in very rare cases in transit in our city maybe for work reasons!), As for all the others that exists a place (s) to meet each other or not We do not believe it is decisive for the purpose of choosing or not our structure! DETERMINING TO THE CONTRARY, it is that the one who relies on our advice is aware that Nuovamultimedia has its own physical manager with registered office and VAT number and that any type of advice we offer is protected by contract and regular invoice!
First of all, working on the web serves to contain costs, and not to hide, as demonstrated by the fact that on the site you will find a regular VAT number in the name of a natural person, in fact, to offer services on the internet it is mandatory to indicate the VAT number. Furthermore, each domain (in most states, but certainly for Italian domains is always regularly registered and associated with a natural or legal person, as well as the site, which is normally hosted by a company that pays (or free) provides the web space for online publication. Obviously there is a public domain register, which can also be consulted on the internet at the following link:  (Registro del country code Top Level Domain)
Times vary depending on the subject, the difficulty in finding bibliographic material, etc. It must be considered that PER A "workmanlike" work requires "technical time" (accurate bibliographic research, study of the material, identification of the subjects, etc. Even simple bibliographic searches require a minimum amount of time as for carefully research all the material you need to go to the library or consult the databases, identify what is significant for that type of work, or the recent material, both on paper and online, etc ...
Absolutely not !!!!!
It is not permissible to sell the thesis of others.
"Nuovamultimedia does not sell theses already made but deals with editorial consultancy for students of all levels"
To learn more about this, we refer to the page on Plagiarism

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