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Our team has many years of consolidated experience in the field of writing for consulting purposes (for theses and dissertations), didactic and informative and is able to guarantee the client also a "technical" writing method as the collaborators, besides being graduates, have professional journalistic experience applied to training, in contexts such as consulting agencies, companies and publishing houses.

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Thesis Counseling

The Nuovamultimedia team has the specific objective of helping students on how to propose themselves and proposing their thesis to the teacher. Very often students find themselves in difficulty in exposing what they have written and above all they do not demonstrate the maturity and security in carrying out their ideas, for these reasons the consultants of new media provide a 360 ° help already from the origins or advising on the project from propose to the professor but above all on the way of proposing and on the modalities of expression. This is expressed in various ways: from the presentation of an initial abstract, to the reasoned index, to the targeted bibliography, etc.

Theses and papers

A network of professionals is at your disposal for a consultancy and assistance service during the preparation of a thesis. We have the opportunity to help you find and analyze bibliographic material for the paper in order to make a preliminary selection of what is really useful to prepare a valid work plan for the thesis. If you still do not have clear ideas on the subject we can help you CHOOSE WITH YOU a list of titles / topics based on your needs. Subsequently we can help you in drafting the index of the elaborate dividing it into chapters and paragraphs and attaching a complete bibliography to be submitted to the professor. Once the index has been approved, we will follow you during the "drafting" of all the chapters, providing you with useful tips to complete the route as quickly as possible! We can help you both in the case of an old or five-year / specialist three-year, doctoral, master's degree, short term papers for secondary and primary schools.

Nursing Theses

he Law of 26 February 1999, n. 42 containing "Provisions concerning health professions" concerns all non-medical health professions and has introduced the obligation to graduate also for those who wish to undertake the profession of nurse. For three of the professions involved, and particularly the nursing, midwifery and medical radiology medical profession, the strong novelty of this law is the abolition of job descriptions, as a privileged source from a regulatory point of view of professional practice. The last paragraph of the art. 1 specifies that the proper field of activity and responsibility of the health professions ... is determined by the contents of the ministerial decrees instituting the relative professional profiles and the teaching regulations of the respective university diploma and post-basic training courses as well as the specific deontological codes , without prejudice to the competences foreseen for the medical professions and for the other professions of the health role for access to which the possession of the degree is required, in mutual respect of specific professional skills. Given the above, even nurses, at the end of their studies, must present a final thesis (thesis) that will deal with specific topics of their job. The nursing term papers sometimes differ from the three-year ones (of the other university faculties) as they can be simple bibliographic reviews (of articles in medical scientific literature) or purely experimental works (of a very technical subject). Also in this case we can put our many years of experience in this sector at our disposal by providing ideas for topics to be presented to the tutor and supporting the student during the drafting of the final thesis


Our consultants are available to help you even if you need to write texts, lecture notes or abstracts, a specific topic (legal, humanistic, scientific, literary, linguistic, etc.). and not only in the university environment. You will have support in the realization of any editorial project in all the elaboration phases or even only in some of them: research of the topic, structure of the work, proofreading.


For the presentation, a summary of the subject, information or available data is processed, including the search for images and / or the creation of graphs (if necessary) which will constitute the content of the slides whose indicative number will be agreed directly with the customer. Multimedia and video presentations can be processed on request.

We believe sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo.

Support Activities

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Teaching Assistance and Review of Graduation Theses

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